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About Me

I have been growing/pheno hunting for 21 years

i joined the canna community as cookie monstaaar but later changed to cookz


The Jaffa Caked Cookies collaboration between myself & London dank proved very popular.

my pheno was used to make the original S1 feminised release & my jaffa crosses

Jaffa glue pie


chocolate orange


jaffa bone


zaffa caked cookies

Other strains include

cherry g


London Pound Zkittlez

Sunset Seduction


2022 is the year of collaborations as i am working with

karma genetics melon pollen he kindly sent me,  myself and a select few testers are running now!

The next collab is with the sour co. he kindly sent me pollen from his 

original diesel x cola cubes to throw over a girl of my choice.

these unfortunately wont be released but follow the progress and hopefully any real stand out phenotypes will be used again in future lines!

thanks for visiting the site and reading through.

take care and enjoy you day

nothing but love from me !